Have you always loved visiting art galleries but wondered how you would go about starting your own collection? If the thought of your own private contemporary art gallery always sounded out of reach, we have good news: the dream is far more achievable than you think, and you don’t need to be a millionaire to accomplish it.

From works by major artists, to exciting new contemporary talents, here’s how to start your very own art collection, today…

Look for limited edition prints

Rather than expensive original artworks, prints can be an easy and affordable option to grow your collection with works by artists you already admire. Plus, in exclusive print runs, they are also still collectible. Some of the world’s most sought after artists often offer prints in limited runs, so keep tabs on updates from your favorites to snap them up when they become available – signing up to your favorite artists and galleries’ free newsletters or gallery memberships are a great way to stay in the know. Aperture, for example, is a non-for-profit foundation which collaborates with major artists on small batches of prints, and even the Art Gallery of Ontario in Toronto offers limited edition art prints for sale.

Trust your taste

Trust your gut instinct when it comes to curating your art collection. Don’t just purchase things you think might be valuable, but choose art that you personally enjoy (though of course, you can take a different approach to invest in art, if you’re primarily looking for profit rather than pleasure). This way, not only will the process of curating your art collection be incredibly fun, but the result will be a collection that is distinctly and uniquely you. No one else would curate the exact same gallery you would, and that’s what makes your own collection so special.

Look for emerging artists

We know that buying your own art pieces can be pricey. But if you don’t limit yourself to famous artists, you can acquire some unique, show stopping original artwork without breaking the bank. Look for new and emerging artists whose early work is affordable in order to have the chance to own an original piece, and one which not everyone will know already – and who knows? You may end up investing in an early piece by the next Jeff Wall or Agnes Martin.

Follow artists on social media

Not only does following your favorite artists on social media keep you up to date with their latest collections, exhibitions and any limited edition print collaborations you could add to your own collection, but it also lets you experiment with mixing their art styles before committing to buying them. In fact, having your favorite artists all in one place on your Instagram feed, a Twitter list, or Pinterest board, can be a perfect (and totally free) first step in curating your own art collection – allowing you to see the different artists’ work laid out together, and whether its cohesive, in your own digital gallery before buying the pieces. Plus, following artists you love online will help you discover other similar artists you might also want to add to your gallery.